How to fix Dropbox error message “DLL Load failed”

Dropbox is one of the applications which provide the users the cloud storage and many other features. But sometimes these technical applications get errors and stops working. The most common issue the customers face is that their applications stop syncing some files in the Dropbox cloud storage. Actually the common error message which shows “DLL Load failed” when occurs the application freezes and users are not able to uninstall the application neither they can install it again, basically it just stops working at all and the system crashes and when its customers try to access the application then the screen shows the error message File “ImportError: DLL load failed: %1 is not a valid Win32 application”.

Many users do not know the root cause of the issue and hence they are unable to troubleshoot the problem and they feel lost as they do not know how to solve the problem and it also hampers their work severely. Just in case, if the issue is getting more chaotic then in that situation you can also read How to fix Dropbox file preview error and other messages and If the situation is getting worse then users have to contact the experts through Dropbox customer support number without any hesitation and if you want to deal with this error manually then you can follow the below steps.

Steps to follow to solve this error:

Step 1:  Firstly users have to clear all the application which is running and then shut down the system and then again restart it on the normal mode and also ensure that you have not made recent changes in the windows.
Step 2:  Now customers are required to perform system file checker scan.
Step 3:  It is possible that the syncing has stopped due to the corruption in the windows and the system file checker scan will help users to scan any infections which are in the windows system and then it will also restore them.
Step 4:  To do it, navigate to the following link “”and if it does not work then contact the expert team as we also do not recommend our users to do it by themselves.
Step 5:  Now customers have to place their system on clean boot, it will help users to remove any interference which software is causing in the syncing process to their Dropbox application.

For Dropbox support, contact experts team for instant assistance.

If users are having any problem in the syncing files even after following the steps then call on Dropbox support number .

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