How to do HP Laserjet Printer WI-Fi Setup?

How to do HP Laserjet Printer WI-Fi Setup?

HP is one of the best printers producing in the market.  There are a number of products offered by HP that are not only unique but they also provide instant solutions to the problems of the customers. There are a number of products available in the market that help the users in keeping their work persistent. Laserjet printers are one of those products and they help users in many ways. But to utilize this product in its best way, it is very important that the user must be aware of the steps to Setup HP Laserjet Wi-Fi Printer.

To help the users in this process, we have provided a series of methods through which the users can perform the activity of HP Printer Setup. All the steps provided are very unique and they also offer instant solutions to users. We suggest the users follow all the steps carefully as they would lead to the successful HP Laserjet Printer Setup.

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Steps to Setup HP Laserjet Wi-Fi Printer

The process of the setup can be segregated in four steps. The first step deals in the process of establishing and deciding the process of installation. The second step deals in the process of installation of the printer. The third step of the process is mainly related to connecting the printer to the wireless connection and the last and the fourth step is related to installing the printer drivers.

Step 1: Deciding the Process of Installation

Before you introduce the product, pick an establishment strategy. The accompanying data may enable you to choose which establishment technique to utilize.

CD: Installing printer programming from the CD is brisk and simple. However, the CD probably won’t contain the most recent programming accessible, even with a fresher printer.

Download: Downloading the printer programming from the HP site gives you the most recent printer programming. Despite the fact that it requires more investment than utilizing the CD, downloading the most recent programming can help stay away from establishment issues.

Step 2: Installation of the Printer

To ensure that the printer works properly, you need to check these items and collect them if they are not around.

  1. Network Name
  2. Network Password
  3. PC connected to the wireless network
  4. Internet Access
  5. Wireless Printer
  6. USB Cable
  • Ensure the printer, router, and PC are altogether turned on, and that the PC is associated with a similar remote system to which you are interfacing the printer.
  • Set up the printer, stack paper into the info plate, and introduce the toner cartridges. For nitty-gritty advances, go to the HP Customer Support page, type your printer model and First Time Printer Setup, press Enter, and after that select the archive from the rundown.
  • Separate any USB or Ethernet links from the printer.

Step 3: Connection of the Printer

  • On the off chance that your switch does not bolster WPS, jump to the following stage to download and introduce the driver.
  • In the event that your switch underpins WPS, proceed with these means.
  • On the printer control board, press and hold the Wireless catch.
  • Discharge the catch when the remote light begins flickering.
  • Inside two minutes, press and discharge the WPS catch on your remote switch.
  • Hold up to two minutes while the printer and switch set up a system association.
  • After the printer interfaces with the system, the remote light is on and consistent.

Step 4: Installation of the Drivers of the Printer

  • Detach any USB links from the printer.
  • Go to and after that click Download to download and run HP Easy Start.
  • At the point when provoked to choose your printer, click My Printer Is Not Shown.
  • A Printer Not Found screen shows.
  • Snap Continue and after that select Wireless system
  • Snap Continue, and after that pursue the on-screen prompts to set up your printer on a remote system.

Once you are done with the above-listed methods, you will be able to use the HP Laserjet printer properly and the process to Setup HP Laserjet Wi-Fi Printer will also be completed smoothly. In case you require more help regarding the product or you are looking for more products of similar qualities then, you may visit our website.