How to Fix Avast Error Message “UI Failed to load” in Windows XP?

Avast UI Failed to Load Error

Having an Antivirus is the Biggest Need of Today’s Era as to Be Without It Users Will Not Be Able to Protect Their Data and Important Credentials From the Malware Attacks and From Hackers. Avast Has Provided Its Best Services When It Comes to the Safety of the System of the Users and Has Provided This Through the Feature Real-time Protection Which Has Made Sure Any Malicious Code or Any Virus Does Not Enter the System. But Sometimes Some Errors Occur in the Application and as a result, It Stops Functioning Properly. So the question is How to Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error in Windows XP?

The Common Error Due to Which the Application Stops Working is the Avast UI Failed to Load Error in the Windows XP and Users Also Feel Annoyed and Helpless as They Do Not Know What to Do as They Do Not Know the Real Reason Behind the Problem Occurred. However, When This Error Comes to the Surface It Stops the Whole Program From Running and This Can Be Due to the Incorrect Windows Services Configuration and if You Clicked on the “restart” Option and Still the Problem Has Not Solved Then Contact Our Experts Through Avast Antivirus Otherwise Follow the Steps to Manually Troubleshoot It.

Steps to ix Fix Avast UI Failed to Load Error in Windows XP

  1. Before following the steps you must ensure that you have logged in to the windows as the administrator.
  2. After that go to the “start” option and then click on “run”.
  3. Now there you have to type service.MSC and then click on “ok”.
  4. In the options of the service, you have to find a “terminal server” and then select “properties”.
  5. You will now be redirected at the “general tab” and then you have to click on “menu” which is in the drop-down list next to the “Startup type” after that select “automatic” and then you have to save the changes you have made by clicking on “apply”.
  6. After this, in the same section of services find and then right-click on “Background Intelligent Transfer Services” and then select “properties” and then follow the similar 5 steps to save this as “automatic”.
  7. Now you just have to restart your system and then try to run the antivirus again.

Contact the Avast Customer Service Team to Get the Best Advice

If the Program Still Not Works and It Crashes the Window Screen and You Are Not Able to Do Your Work Then Contact Experts via Avast Customer Service Number Toll-free. I Hope the Article About Fix Avast UI Failed to load in Windows XP Would Be Helpful For You. If You Have any Issue Related to This Article then Comment Below You Question.