Why is my Facebook not working on chrome?

Why is my Facebook not working on chrome?

Facebook is a social media application that has reached heights due to the connectivity and easiness that it provides to the users. There are numerous applications in the market which helps the users in different ways but the fact that makes the Facebook different from other websites and application is that the users of the Facebook get the facility of being connected with the outer world in a very easy way. There are numerous solutions that Facebook provides to the users but it can happen sometimes that the users of the application might face some kind of issue of Facebook not working on Chrome. While facing such a situation, it is very necessary that the users of the application must get instant solutions for the issues as it creates a lot of problems for the users and it also affects the account of the users.

To help the users in the complete process, we have provided some steps that would help the users in solving the issue. By getting the information from these steps, users can get complete resolution towards Facebook not working in Google Chrome. This problem is generally faced by users due to a number of feasible reasons. By solving this issue, users can get complete solutions for the problems and they can also make proper use of the application without any hassle.

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Steps to Solve Facebook not working on chrome

  • To start with the process, you need to log out of Facebook completely and clear your browser cache.
  • After that, try using Facebook through an HTTPS connection.
  • In case, this does not works, you can set Facebook to go to an HTTPS connection all the time by going to Account then you need to go to Account Settings and after that, search and click on Account security.
  • As you move on with the process, your browser user profile may be corrupted, you can try to create a new user profile to replace the broken one.
  • Now, completely uninstall and then reinstall your Google Chrome to check if the problem exists in Google Chrome or some other application.
  • Now, try opening the website under another user account on your computer.
  • After that, you must update your Google Chrome to the latest version.
  • To perform this activity, you can check it by clicking the menu then click on Wrench after that tap on About Google Chrome and allow Chrome to update.
  • If not, you can also directly download it from Google and then install it to perform the activity of the update.
  • Once you are done with it then you must update/reinstall Java and Flash.
  • After that, disable all browser plugins/themes/extensions.
  • It can also happen that the computer may have been infected by a virus or malware, consider running a full security scan with reputable, up-to-date antivirus software
  • You can use Microsoft Security Essentials, McAfee or AVG to perform the virus scan.

So, these are some of the steps that would help the users in the complete process of Facebook not working on Google Chrome. All the steps are very unique and they would provide solutions for the issue. In case, you need some more support regarding social media platform or you require support for the issues related to any other product such as antivirus or any other technical product then you can visit our website and read the blogs that would provide you with complete information about the problems you face.