How to Install AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL always offers world best class emailing services to their users, but if you want to AOL desktop features so you have reached the right place because here you will get complete information about AOL Desktop Gold Download and Install process with step by step guidance. Before the installation of AOL, you can generate a query in your mind why I need it and what are the advantages. So, I can tell you plenty of benefits of AOL gold, which advantages will never get on normal AOL. Here you will get classified and featured toolbar, control panel, as well as automatic instant, transferred technology. Also, AOL gold provides accurate security features that will save your date for a lifetime and many more benefits. So, just see the below given AOL desktop gold install procedure with details:

Before AOL Desktop Gold Installation process, just see the mandatory system requirement:

  • Users keep at least free space on the hard disk and they can leave 512 MB space for the best way.
  • Minimum 1 GB Ram is required for smooth processing.
  • An excellent class internet connection from any service provider.
  • Cache free, updated and without heavy search engine like Google, Bing, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and other.
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Windows 7 are the first preference.

Thus, if you want to install AOL desktop gold without any glitches so above presented system requirement is must of every system and these are the minimum requirements so users can upgrade or enhance their system configuration for AOL Desktop Gold Download and Install process.

 Steps to How to install AOL desktop gold?

  • Firstly, go to the search engine & Write “” in the address bar.

  • Now, you need to log in to your account so clicks on the “Login” option. (Situated in the upper right corner)

  • Write your registered email id & after then click on “Next” (Write that email id, which is not subscribed AOL ever)

  • After then, enter your “Password” in the box and click on “Sign in”.

  • Once you sign in, you will see the homepage of AOL and scroll down and go to the bottom of the page.
  • After scrolling, just click on the “Download” option.

  • Now, click on the “AOL Desktop Gold” install image which will appear on the page.

  • Then, tap on the “Learn more” button.

  • After then, tap on the “Free membership” for 30 days option.  (This is the trial version)

  • Now, enter your “Billing information” like Name, address, city, state, Phone number, etc.

  • Then, enter your card number, security code, and others.
  • Now, click on the checkbox for “Terms agreement” & then tap on the “Start Your free trial” button.

  • After that, the download option will appear on the screen so click on the “Download AOL desktop gold now” button.

  • Once the installation gets done so reach downloaded file and right-click and choose the “Run as an administrator” option from the list.

  • Finally, click on the “Install now” button.

  • After some time, The AOL desktop gold installation will complete on your computer.
  • Then, you can simply log in again with the same id and password & take the tour of the AOL gold premium desktop feature.

Therefore, users can easily install the AOL desktop gold process via above-given steps and users can use 30 days free trial version of AOL after completion of free trial AOL will take charge for monthly, quarterly, and yearly wise so try at least one time for premium features of AOL gold and after then take the paid subscription but AOL Desktop Gold Installation process is totally free of cost.

That’s all,

Users can also download and install AOL desktop on mac computer through the same process, but according to time, users can get some changes, but currently, the AOL desktop gold install procedure on the mac is the same as windows. The above-presented steps are verified and users can simply install the AOL gold premium process within a minute.