Frequent Steps to fix Microsoft outlook error code 16999

Microsoft Outlook Error Code 16999

Before you will move ahead with the steps to resolve the error code problem in the Microsoft Outlook, read the next paragraph to know more about the Microsoft outlook.

Why people prefer Microsoft outlook?

There are many tools and application available in today’s world which is used by the people to exchange the emails and contents. Microsoft outlook 2019 is one of the best and complete managing tools to exchange the social contents that has made life easy and provided them comfort in many ways. But at times a person may face some problems and issues with the MICROSOFT OUTLOOK 2019. Some of those errors are: – Microsoft outlook error codes 3253, Microsoft outlook error codes 17099, Microsoft outlook error codes 17844, Microsoft outlook error code 16999, Microsoft outlook error code 10, Microsoft outlook error codes 20. Here is in this we will discuss error code 16999 and you can also browse our website to know, ore about the other error codes in Microsoft outlook.

What is Microsoft outlook error code 16999?

Whenever a user tries to deliver an e-mail, he may receive the error message that reads,” the pop server returned an expected reply (16999) error message and you can’t receive email. This generally happens when the damaged or corrupted email prevents access to your remaining emails.

How can you determine the “error 16999” on your Microsoft outlook?

The below-mentioned symptoms can indicate some issues with your “Microsoft outlook error 16999”:-

  • A dialogue box that read “error code 16999” will appear.
  • Your computer will start to behave differently with regular hanging up for a few seconds.
  • The active and running program window gets shut down and suddenly, you see the flashing error code message
  • Window responds slower than before to mouse or keyboard inputs.

These 16999 errors generally appear during application or software installation, during active window startup or shutdowns, or sometimes at the initial stages of the installation of the window operating systems. Make sure you will keep track of every symptom as It will help you to perform the necessary troubleshoots.

Causes of Error 16999

Run time Errors such as “Microsoft Outlook Error 16999” can be caused by a number of factors such as:-

  • Improper and corrupted installation of the related files may harm the system as well as the running Microsoft outlook.
  • Changes in the downloading path or in the window registry could be the next possible reason for this error.
  • If your workstation is not virus secured, that it may corrupt the Microsoft outlook files.
  • If you accidentally or unknowingly deleted the Microsoft outlook- related files, then you will surely get an “Error code 16999” message on your screen.
  • Loose internet Connections or other ISP related issues such as proxy issues, could be the reason for the malfunctioning of the outlook.

Solutions to resolve your error code 16999 issues:-

Follow these basic steps to get rid of such problems:

Step 1: Repair the registered entry related to error code 16999.

Step 2: Run a complete malware scan on your pc to remove the entire existing virus.

Step 3: Remove the unwanted junk files with the help of disk cleanup (clean mgr).

Step 4: Update all the installed pc device drivers.

Step 5: With the help of a window system restore, you can undo the recent system changes.

Step 6: Uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft outlook related to the same “outlook error code 16999”.

Step 7: Run a complete system file check on your windows.

Step 8: install the entire required windows update step.

Step 9:  Perform a complete windows installation again to resolve the issues related to “Error code 16999”.

However, if you find any other issue, related to Microsoft outlook error code 16999. You can simply uninstall the outlook from your workstation and install it back, to get trouble-free user experience. You can also visit our website to know more about the required troubleshooting steps to get assistance on the Microsoft error codes. One such blog is related to error code 18597, where you can learn easy steps to fix Microsoft Outlook Error 18597.