Learn easy steps to fix Microsoft Outlook Error Code 18597

Outlook Error Code 18597

Microsoft outlook 2011 is a modified outlook version that is designed specifically for the MAC operating system. The user can exchange emails and content with this updated version of MS outlook. It works by using the exchange web services and allows the user to work in a safe environment. But at times, the user faces problems because outlook 2011 doesn’t connect to the safe exchange server. This error is called Microsoft Outlook Error Code 18597. This blog will help you in finding the cause and solutions to get rid of the same problem.

Cause of outlook error code 18597:-

Some of the possible reasons behind such problems are mentioned below:-

  • Whenever the email address written in the dialog box of the exchange account doesn’t match with the link it is supposed to match with, outlook 2011 refused to connect with the exchange server.
  • Error Code 18597 in outlook can also happen when the password present in the user’s active account has expired. Though, you can reset the password through outlook web access (OWA) and relaunch MS Outlook to resolve the problem.

Solutions to resolve Microsoft Outlook Error 18597:

You can consider some of the points while connecting your MS outlook 2011 with the exchange servers to resolve Outlook Error Code 18597:-

  • Make sure that you are using the exact URL on outlook as it was on the entourage.
  • At first, you can resolve your problem by creating a test user account in the MAC operating system. Use this as an exchange account on behalf of the newly created user.
  • If that too didn’t resolve your problem, you can try to fix the issue with simple troubleshooting that we will perform to modify exchange connectivity. You will log in with the following steps:- Run outlook for Mac> choose error log from the Windows menu> reach settings in the top right corner for Error window > select the checkbox of Turn On Logging for troubleshooting > hit OK
  • You can also try Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer. It’s a Microsoft free web-based tool, designed to Exchange Administrators with the testing of exchange- based services. It will also help to troubleshoot auto-discover settings used by ms outlook for MAC as well as to resolve your problem related to web services edition.

>> Follow the below-mentioned steps to run the exchange server remote connectivity analyzer:-

Step I – Go to the internet browser and in the address bar type, testconnectivity.microsoft.com. Click on the test that you want to apply.

 Step 2 – You will find Microsoft exchange active sync connectivity tests, Microsoft exchange web series connectivity tests, Microsoft office outlook connectivity tests, and internet email tests.

Step 3 – You will then go and choose Microsoft exchange web services connectivity options. Select synchronization, notification, availability and automatic replies.

Step 4 – You can either use auto-discover to detect settings to test auto-discover or use Specify Exchange Web Services URL to enter the external server address manually and then, click on Perform Test.

Step 5 – It will start to perform the test and wait for the completion.

Step6 – Once the test will get completed, the analyzer will show you the result, either as a success or a failure.

Step7 – If it says failure, you will get a complete list of the failures. The user can fix it by modifying it and work until all the connectivity errors are resolved.

You can also find ways to fix Error Code 18597 in outlook automatically. You can use any professional and trusted the tool for this, which will repair the damaged database file.


We have provided you exact solutions and easy troubleshooting to fix Outlook Error Code 18597, which occurs when ms outlook fails to connect with the exchange server.  We discussed the causes that give birth to such type of errors. You can also read another blog to know more about how to fix error code 10 in MS Outlook. We have covered that problem too, in simple troubleshooting steps.