What is Microsoft Outlook Error Code 17193?

Microsoft Outlook Error Code 17193

Microsoft Outlook errors can be annoying sometimes. The user may find him stuck and may get irritated because of this error code. There are many such errors as outlook error code 10, outlook error code 20, outlook error code 16884, and Outlook error code 17099 and so on. Most of the people face an issue with the error message which says outlook error 17193. Likewise, any other error code, Outlook error code 17193, could also affect the smooth functioning of the outlook on Mac as well as Windows. This error code 17193 generally occurs when the PST data file is corrupt or it is damaged. Whenever the user tries to send emails with the attachments. This gives an alert error message 17193. This error needs immediate and frequent solutions. Here, in this blog, we will find the causes, and solutions to fix this error code instantly.

Causes of the generation for the Outlook Error Code 17193:

This Microsoft outlook error 17193 generally occurs due to the broken PST file. Other such reasons could be:-

  • Hardware malfunctioning:- whenever the hardware fails to store or migrate the data of the Outlook PST file, that led to internal damage and results in PST file corruptions. Thus results in loss of emails.
  • Power outage failure: – while working on your workstations on MS OUTLOOK accounts and accessing the PST file. The sudden power loss can also cause and leads to corruption in the PST file.
  • Last but not least, the error can be caused due to the failure of the data storage device. Whenever the hardware refuses to store the data, at that time all the data may get stuck and thus causing the fault in the smooth running of the ms outlook.

This issue can be resolved easily with the help of simple troubleshoots:-

In this blog, we have divided troubleshoots in two simple methods. You can follow the steps manually to get the complete resolutions:-

  • Method 1:- Change your internet explorer settings
  • Press each “win” key along with “r” and you will see a run panel on your screen.
  • Enter the command “inetcpl.cpl” and hit “enter”.
  • From the prompted “internet option”. Choose all the junk files and delete them.
  • After clearing all the junk files, move to the protection tab and reset everything to default.
  • Then move to the advanced tab
  • Erase the complete permanent settings and hit reset once more to resolve your problems.

If this has not resolved your problem, you can try the next method to resolve the error code 17193.

Method 2:- Use the disk clean up command

  • Press the “windows” &”r” key together.
  • On the run panel, use the “clean mgr” and hit “enter”.
  • Here, on the pop-up, select the drive with windows package and hit “enter”
  • Go to the following wizard, select the corrupted drivers and delete them.
  • After that select everything except the previous windows version information
  • Click on okay and once all the junk is removed, certify the outlook is functioning properly by checking outlook once more.

These above mentioned troubleshoots are required to be performed manually. If the same error continues, you can go and try to troubleshoot the problem in a professional way. You can use any third-party PST repair tool to get automatic solutions. These applications are capable to resolve the outlook error 17193 instantly. Also, this tool supports all versions of the Outlook program and windows operating systems.

Final verdict

Mac outlook error 17193 can affect or damage any PST files. Though with all the above mentioned troubleshoots, we can easily fix this the outlook error 17193. Also, you can visit our website to browse more knowledge-based blogs regarding the solutions of the error code in Microsoft outlook and fix your Microsoft outlook related issues. You can consider some easy to understand blogs such as how to fix Mac outlook error code 16997 in simple ways.