Fix Yahoo 4xx SMTP Error

How To Fix Yahoo 4xx SMTP Error?

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol is used to exchange the emails between the sender’s server and the receiver’s server. But sometimes these servers refuse to accept a particular email and send it to the yahoo client.

This can be due to various reasons. Either you are marked as a spam, or the content in your email is controversial and hence the server of the receiver has refused to accept the email. Hence the yahoo 4xx SMTP error is a temporary error and it blocks the emails temporary and it is done by the individual’s server. If users want to get rid of this error easily and without a headache then they can talk to experts.

There are 6 types of 4xx SMTP error in yahoo.

  • 421 message, numeric code.
    This occurs when the content we send is objectionable and hence it is blocked by the yahoo mail server.
  • 421 4.7.0 message.
    It occurs due to the unusual traffic in your email.
  • 421 4.7.1 error message.
    The emails are sent in bulk and if it is unusual then the server will block the mail.
  • 451 error message.
    This numeric error means the server was busy and your request is not preceded.
  • 451 VS1-IP error messages.
    Your server has placed proxy.
  • 451 VS1-MF error messages.
    This error occurs due to excessive bounce rate.

Instructions users can follow troubleshoot this error.

Step 1: Avoid looking like a Spammer.
Step 2: Try to resend the emails after 4 hours of getting this error.
Step 3: Sign your emails through DKIM.
Step 4: Include signatures through DKIM to authenticate your emails so that it won’t look like a spam.
Step 5: Also include reverse DNS server so that the yahoo does not downgrade the IP of your system.
Step 6: Do not send emails in bulk through your Yahoo after getting this error.
Step 7: Prevent from having unusual traffic on your yahoo email server client.

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