SEO Checker: Best tool to check on-page and off-page errors

SEO Checker

It is a stressful situation for website owners when their websites do not perform well. Simply creating a website does not mean that people would prefer it over other options present. When it comes to conversions, generating sales and getting traffic, a lot depends on the search engine optimization techniques of the websites. To start with, you should use the best search engine optimization methods. This would help you in reaching customers and generating the best business results. At times, websites stop performing well due to SEO issues and website owners fail to figure out what the problem is. To prevent the performance of a website from going down, SEO mistakes should be detected on time. This cannot be done manually and a tool is needed to detect SEO mistakes made. A proper SEO checker helps website owners in identifying the mistakes that have been made.

Using reliable SEO checkers is mandatory

You cannot use any SEO checker randomly and expect the mistakes to be identified. It is important to select a dependable SEO checker that can identify the mistakes properly. On the internet, there are several SEO checking tools but most of them have dependability problems. At times, the correct errors are not highlighted.

  • Using an unreliable SEO checking application is as bad as not using one. If you talk about the Pre-post SEO score checking tool, it is a top-notch tool for checking the status of a website. The score is calculated after taking various SEO factors into account including domain authority, page authority, on-page SEO and various other parameters.

Pre-post SEO score checker and its effectiveness

As it is mentioned above, the Pre-post SEO score checker is an amazing tool to pinpoint various SEO mistakes. Here are some important features of this tool.

  1. Easy to use tool with quick results

These days, users do not have the time to use tools that consume a lot of time. You will find several SEO checking tools on the internet but all of them do not have a simple user interface. Users do not prefer using tools with difficult options. The Pre-post SEO score checker is very simple to use. Anyone can use this tool even if he does not have a lot of technical knowledge. To use this tool, you have to open the link and enter the complete website address. Once you have entered these parameters, you can move on to the next step.

  1. Selecting the SEO parameters

Every user would have a different set of requirements to perform the SEO check. In other words, each user would want to perform a different kind of SEO check. Once you enter the website address, you should click the required parameters which have to be checked. More than one parameter can also be checked at the same time. For instance, you can perform the SEO score check for favicon status and inline status. An overall SEO score can be determined after clicking all the SEO parameters. After selecting the parameters you want to check, click the “start checking” button.

  • When you click the “check score” button, the overall SEO score on the basis of the selected parameters would be determined. The score would be categorized into three parameters. These include “checks passed”, “important fixes” and “semi-important fixes”.
  1. Detailed insight into all SEO areas

Below the SEO score, you can get a detailed insight of all SEO areas. For instance, a lot of websites have broken links. This obviously adversely affects the SEO rank. In most cases, people do not know about broken links and during this time span, the website performance keeps falling. With the SEO checker, you can determine the score of your website. If it is low, you can determine the reason due to which it is low. This reason can be broken links, weak internal linking structure or any other reason.

  • Once the SEO score of the website has been determined, you can view the details of the website. For instance, the “meta tag status” is an important parameter. The SEO performance of a website goes down if appropriate Meta tags have not been used.
  1. Know about the favicon status

The use of a favicon is very important and it helps in improving the traffic rate. The presence of a favicon improves the image of a brand. Websites with a favicon have more customers because the logo of the image is viewed more frequently. Favicons appear on the browser tab so users view them all the time till the tab is not closed. This causes an increase in brand awareness. When people watch a favicon for a long time, a brand presence is built in their minds. As a result, they search for the brand directly resulting in an increase in traffic.

  • With the Pre-post SEO checker, you can determine the favicon status. If your website does not have a favicon, you would know the status through this tool. For instance, if you see that your website does not have a favicon, you can create one to improve website performance. Through the SEO score checker by Prepost SEO, you can determine whether the website has a favicon or not.


Website owners put in a lot of effort to create a website. If the website does not produce positive business results, all the effort goes in vain. The performance of a website can be improved if the errors are identified properly. In other words, the exact SEO error has to be searched. A quality SEO score checker can solve this problem within no time. The Pre-post SEO score checker is one of the most dependable options. It scans through the website and identifies the exact status of each area. If there are broken links, the tool would show all links that are broken. Similarly, if appropriate meta tags have not been used or correct headings are not present, the detailed report would show it.

The Pre-post SEO score checker is an amazing tool with a simple interface. You do not have to go through complicated features or functions. By following simple commands, you can determine the SEO score and a detailed report as well. Click Here For the Official Link of Prepost SEO score checker.