How can you Setup Canon Wi-Fi Printer MX452?

How can you Setup Canon Wi-Fi Printer MX452?

Canon is one of the amazing and reckless brands in the market that helps the users in keeping their work complete and unique. It is a reckless brand with a great brand image and it manufactures products in such a way that they increase the image of the brand on a daily basis. There are numerous products offered by Canon among which Canon printer is one, they not only help the users in their daily work but they also provide them with unique services that provide satisfaction to the customers. Wi-Fi Printer MX452 is one of those printers that help the users in their daily work but to make the optimum utilization of the product, it is very important that the user must know the steps for Setup Canon Wi-Fi Printer MX452.

Keeping this thing in our minds, we have provided some of the most genuine steps for the use of the common people which can be followed by the technical and non-technical customers. We suggest the users follow every step very carefully as it would help them in the process of Setup Canon Wi-Fi Printer MX452. There are numerous methods through which the users can perform this activity but to make sure that the product provides complete help after the setup, we have provided the steps with complete generosity.

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Steps to Setup Canon Wi-Fi Printer MX452

There are mainly two methods in which one can perform this activity and we have provided both the steps in a very simple language.

First Method: WPS Connection Method for Canon Wi-Fi Printer MX452 Setup

  • You need to keep in mind that while using the WPS method, you have to ensure that the device contains a physical WPS push button.
  • Once you are assured about this thing, you can move on to the next step i.e. checking if your network is WPA or WPA 2 protected.
  • To start with the process, press the Setup button on the printer which will be denoted by (A).
  • Now, check the screen of the printer and select the Wireless LAN Setup option from the list that is prompted on the screen. Now press OK when you are done.
  • Look for the blue Wi-Fi lamp and check if the light for the wireless connection enabled is on.
  • As the light will be on, the printer will start searching for the access points that would support the WPS feature.
  • Now press and hold the WPS button on the modem that you are using.
  • Wait for some time and then click on the OK button which will be displayed on the screen of the printer.
  • Once the printer is connected to the wireless network, Press OK button to continue.

Now, you can continue with the steps to install the software in the system. You can use the CD which would have come with the product or you can download it from the internet.

Method 2: Standard Method to Setup Canon Wi-Fi Printer MX452

  • You have to start by pressing the Setup button on the printer.
  • Now, select the Wireless LAN Setup from the screen of the computer and click on OK.
  • Press the Stop/Reset button and wait for some time.
  • After that, press OK.
  • Now you have to select the SSID method. By using the arrow key select the name of your network and then press the OK button two times.
  • If the network does not appear automatically, you can go for the direct method and select the network name.
  • Once the device is connected to the network, use the numeric buttons on the printer to enter the security password of the wireless connection.
  • Now, press the OK button.

Once you are done with the steps of the Standard method, you need to move on to the steps to install the software of the printer.

So, by following these steps you can ensure completion of Canon Wi-Fi Printer Setup MX452. In case, you face some other problem or you require some more assistance regarding the working of the product or any other printer then you can visit our website and go through our blogs.