How to Setup Canon MG3620 Wi-Fi Printer?

How to Setup Canon MG3620 Wi-Fi Printer?

Canon is one of the best companies in the market that facilitates its customers with the best devices in the market. There are numerous devices in the market that are offered by Canon and they have always been affordable by the people as they have a huge variety of products to offer to the customers. Canon Printer MG3620 is one of these devices and it has a lot of features to facilitate the customers and provide them the benefit of easy printing. To take the feel of these features, it is suggested that the users must know about the steps to Setup Canon MG3620 Wi-Fi Printer. By performing this step properly, a user can ensure the proper working and can enjoy the unique abilities of the MG3620.

There are a lot of qualities that help the Canon MG3620 reach the top rank among the various devices that are available in the market. The first feature is the Speed and Quality of the device. It is a very fast device that helps the users in keeping their work accurate and effective. It also provides a unique quality to the users and the outputs of the device are very clean and formal so that they can be used in the projects, assignments, presentations, and more. The second feature involves the easiness that the device provides while its usage. It can be set to the wireless mode which means the users can print pages by sitting in one room even if the users in a different room. The third feature of the MG3620 is the connectivity feature. It can be connected with the Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.

To help the users in taking the advantage of these three features, we have provided some steps that would provide them ease in the process of Canon Printer Wi-Fi Setup MG3620.

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Steps for Setup Canon MG3620 Wi-Fi Printer

  • To start with the process of the MG3620 setup, you need to press and hold the Link to Network button on the printer.
  • As you do so, the printer will automatically start the WPS mode and search for the network.
  • The WPS accessibility factor will sustain the networks that are available for use.
  • If the WPS is not able to detect the Wi-Fi on its own then, you can go for the manual procedure and select the network manually.
  • As the connection with the router will be in process, it will ask for some of the information such as the network name and network password.
  • Feed the password in the system and connect with the network.
  • The password of a network helps the users in keeping their internet and other vital information safe from other people.
  • By making a safe connection with the network, a user can ensure that none of the threats such as antivirus, malware or Trojans does affect the system of the users.

So, by using these simple steps you can ensure proper and safe Canon Printer Wi-Fi Setup MG3620. Once you are done with these steps you can move on to the next process i.e. Installation of the drivers for Canon MG3620 Wi-Fi Printer.

Driver Installation for Canon MG3620 Wi-Fi Printer Setup

  • To perform this activity, first of all, the users need to download the driver setup from the internet.
  • As the download completes successfully, double-click on the driver and open the install shield wizard.
  • On the main window, click Install and follow all the steps as per the instructions that are provided to you.
  • Click on Next and before the installation starts, unplug the printer if it is connected to the system through any USB cord or so.
  • Finish the installation of the printer drivers properly and wait for the PC to detect the printer automatically.
  • Once the printer connects to the printer, click on Finish and continue with the usage of the printer.

These are some of the steps that would help the users in completing the process to Setup Canon MG3620 Wi-Fi Printer. In case you need some more help with the products, you can visit our website and go through our blogs for a variety of products.