How do I Install and Configure Dell Printer without CD?

Install and Configure Dell Printer

Dell is one of the best companies in the market that deals in providing the devices for the use of common people on a daily basis. The products offered by Dell are so reliable that they are used as household products along with the offices and educational institutes. Dell printer is one of the devices offered by this company and it is very important that the user must be aware of the steps that would help them install Dell printer and configure dell printer for the optimum use of the device. They have the ability to perform every task that a person might expect from the technical equipment and they also have the best quality services to help the customers in all the tasks that they want to perform. Dell offers many products to customers apart from the printers which include laptops, desktops, scanners and more.

In this blog, we would discuss some of the prominent steps and methods that would help the users in the Dell printer install method and would also provide them with the eminent ways to set up a dell printer without CD. It is very necessary that the users must search for the genuine steps for such a process as the smallest mistake in the process can lead to dwindling of the product which can create a big problem for the customer. By using this blog the users can find the best ways and methods to help themselves in the process and they can perform the activity smoothly.

First of all, we would talk about the steps to install a Dell printer and after that, we would look after the steps to configure it. Below listed are the steps that would help you in the process.

Steps to Setup and Install Dell Printer

  • For the start of the process, you need to connect the printer to your system which you are using. Connect every wire and socket very carefully and ensure that the electricity supply for the printer and system is continuous.
  • Now as you are done with the connection of the printer with the system, you have to visit the official website of Dell by opening it in your default browser.
  • In the next step, click on the option Assistance which will be visible to you on the left-hand side of the website.
  • As you will click on the option, you will see a list of choices visible to you on your screen. In the next step, you have to visit the ‘Item Household’ panel which will be available in the ‘Printers and Multifunction’ section.
  • After that, select the ‘Item Series’ scroll bar to select an associate degree which is suitable for your item series.
  • Now, from the ‘Drivers and Software application’ panel choose the ‘Driver and Software Application’ option of the printer that you wish to set on your device.
  • Click and open the ‘Driver and Software Application’ and pick the applications which are working on the system. After that select the Download link option.
  • In the last action of the process, you need to double click the downloaded file and follow all the on-screen instructions.

All these steps would help you in the process to install dell printer on your device. Now, talking about the steps to configure Dell printer on your device. It is a lengthy process and should be followed very carefully. It involves a lot of steps in itself and all the steps are mentioned below to help the users in configuring the Dell printer on Mac.

Steps to Configure Dell Printer

You have to start the process by adding a network printer using the IP Address. For this,

  • Select the Apple icon which will be visible on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • From the list which will be visible to you, select the system preferences.

  • Now, from the list of options choose Print and Fax.

print and fax

  • Click on the +icon below the printers pane which will open the Add printer application.

  • Select the IP which will be visible on the top toolbar in the Add printer window.

  • You will see a window with a lot of options, fill all the spaces with the relevant information and then select the appropriate driver.
  • As you are done will all the steps, click on Add.

As you will be done with these steps, in the next step you have to select the printing options for your printer. For this,

  • In the top menu bar, you will see a Select File Option in the application window.
  • From the list, select print or press on Command + P from the keyboard.
  • Now, carefully select the correct print queue.
  • You will see a Show Details button on your screen, click on that button.
  • All the printer options will be available for you to select on your screen.
  • Press the print option to send a print job and check if the printer is working properly.

Henceforth, these are the steps that would help you in the process to Configure Dell Printer on your system. All the steps are genuine and they would provide you with guaranteed results.