How to do Inkjet Dell Printer Setup on Wireless Networks?

Setup Dell Inkjet Printer

Hello fellas, Are you having issues while you try to Setup Dell Inkjet Printer on a wireless network? Then we will help you to do it easily and in an appropriate manner.

For the basic knowledge of the users, the Dell printer setup will be done using the “wireless setup utility” and it is the most appropriate option through which you can do your work without much of a hassle.

Now, we will tell the users How to do Inkjet Dell Printer Setup on Wireless Networks in crisp and short steps. Follow the below-mentioned steps to properly do it without any hassle or without facing any technical issue.

Steps to Setup Dell Inkjet Printer on Wireless Networks

  • Make sure that the USB cable is attached to the laser copier and as well as the computer.
  • Window 10 users should go to the “search-box” and type “Wireless setup utility” and then select the option of the utility.

  • Then there will be some prompts and you have to follow them and then your printer will search for the nearby wireless networks and it will display them.
  • If your wireless network name appears on the list then click on your particular network and select “continue”.
  • Then you have to enter the network key and then a window will appear for the permissions.
  • “Allow dell software window” prompt will appear and you have to click on “ok” or “continue”.
  • Now you have to remove the USB cable from the printer and computer when you are instructed to do so.
  • After following the step, the Dell printer setup is now completed.
  • But if your network does not show on the list, then click on “unlisted network”.
  • Now you have to manually enter the network name and then click on “continue” and select the type of network security your wireless router has and then click on “continue” and follow 5 to 7 steps again similarly.

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I hope you were able to Setup Dell Inkjet Printer on Windows 10 without any hindrance or technical issues with the help of the above steps. By any chance, if you face any technical issue, do let us inform in the comment section below.