How to install Epson Printer with Very Shortest Way?

How to install Epson Printer with Very Shortest Way?

Epson printer has become a top-selling printer in all over the globe because it offers excellent class features with the latest upgraded technology. so, if you bought the Epson printer and you don’t know about how to install the Epson printer so don’t worry because here you will get complete information about installation in a very easy manner. So, just see the below-given steps:

Epson Printer Installation Process:

  • Unboxing your Epson printer, inside the manual guide and remove the strikers.

  • Turn on your printer through the power button.

  • Then, Go to the official website of Epson & hit the WIFI button of your printer.

  • Now, choose your Epson printer model name from the list.

  • After then, click on the “Setup” button.

  • Tap on the “Download” button.

  • After completion of downloading, go to your download folder.

  • Run your downloaded file, after completion of installation your setup will automatically be attached through your printer.
  • Users can also install drivers and software through the same process.

Therefore, Epson Printer Setup can easily download on your pc through the above-given steps. If you are facing any difficulties in the duration of installation so you can check your wire and other technical things that you have connected to your printer.

Epson Printer Setup Via Wi-Fi:

If you want to give print documents through any device like mobile phone and tablet so you can easily printer by the help of Epson iprint application and then print any types of documents within the second. To get full information about the Epson printer setup, just see the below-given steps:

  • Press & hold the WIFI fi button of the printer.

  • If your wi-fi led light is showing green single so your WIFI has enabled.
  • Then go to your play store and download the “Epson iprint” app.

  • Now, turn off your WIFI and connect printer WIFI.

  • Then, open the Epson iprint app and go to the “print photos” option under the app.


  • Choose your photo and click on the Next button

  • Now, select WIFI direct setup & click on the printer with an LCD screen.

  • Choose multiple copies or page size or paper type or print quality or layout or colour, etc.

  • Finally, click on the done button.
  • Now, you will get a fine print from your Epson printer.

That’s all,

Users can easily connect through Wi-Fi and get a decent print before; Epson Printer Installation users should load the ink in the tank and set the paper on the tray after then they can go for the setup downloading process.