How to install the HP Deskjet 2622 on Windows & Mac? – step by step instructions (Windows & Mac)

HP has become one of the premium brands all over the globe because it offers the best class printers, laptops, mouse, hard drive, and many more products with proper quality. But HP printers are popular for their compatibilities and features. In this sequence, HP Deskjet 2622 printer is one of the excellent qualities all in one printer where users can get an instant print with a very low amount of ink. if you have recently bought HP Deskjet 2622 printer and want to install software and drivers from 123 hp com setup 2622 so don’t go anywhere because here you will get complete information about the installation steps as well as drivers. So, just see the below-given steps:

Step 1: Unbox your printer

  • Remove all stickers and packaging material from the printer.

  • Open the cartridge access door of the printer.

Step 2: Power Cord Connection

  • Now, this time to connect the power cord to the printer and another side cable fix into the electric power board.
  • After then, hit the Power button t0 turn on.

Step 3: Load Paper

  • After completion of all settings, just load the paper on the input tray.

Step 4: Connect to the wireless network 

  • Turn on your router and identify the SSID name which will be your network name.
  • Press the hold the wireless symbol of the printer and cancel button at the same time.
  • Now, check your computer is connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Before installation, your computer and printer should be connected with the same network.

Step 5: Installation Setup

  • Now, enter 2622 in any browser.

  • After than, write your printer model and tap on the “Search” button.

  • Then, click the “Download” button.

  • Once the file will download, then open that file & you will get the HP easy start pop-up on your Windows computer.
  • Click on the checkbox for agreement & then click on the “Continue” button.

  • Now, Select your printer from the list. (If your printer is not showing, so just click on “My printer is not shown” button, then you have to follow the troubleshooting steps)
  • Again, select the “Continue” tab.
  • Select both software and driver options.

  • Now, click on the checkbox for the “Automatic setup” & tab on the “Next” button.

  • Finally, your process will complete successfully so the click on “Finish” button.

Step 6: Print your document

  • Now, you can successfully print any document.

Therefore, users can easily install the printer setup via 123 hp com deskjet 2622. Before installation, check all the connection connectivity.


How to install hp Deskjet 2622 Using Mac?

If you are working on mac computer and wants to install your hp Deskjet 2622 through wifi connectivity so you have reached at the right place because here you can get accurate and short steps where how you can install your printer setup from 123 hp com setup 2622 So, just see the below-given steps.

Step 1: Switch on your printer & connect your Mac to the Wi-Fi network.

Step2:  Set your printer on setup mode. 

Just go to the control panel, here press and hold the wireless button and cancel button together and wait for the power button to blink. If your power button is blinking so release the buttons so that will be the setup mode condition.

Step: 3:

  • Now, go to the Mac operating system.

  • After then, type & press enter.

  • Just, click the checkbox for software installation.

  • Just click on the “Open” button and download it.
  • After downloading App, you can open your open from the Mac computer file location.

  • Now, check your wifi connection because, before installation, everything should be in perfect condition.
  • After connecting the Hp app, just click on the “+” button & Select your printer.
  • Just click on the selected printer and the printer will establish a wifi connection between router and printer.
  • After then, click on the “Continue” tab.
  • Now, enter the administrator password.

  • Enter the location of your printer.

  • After completion of the setup, just click on the “Printer & scanner” option.

  • Select your printer from the list for the printer and one more time for the scanner.
  • After all, your printer will give your scan as well as print.

Thus, users can simply install printer setup via 123 hp com Deskjet 2622 and the above-given steps are a very short way to configure for the printer.