How to Install And Configure Hp OfficeJet Printer Manually?

How to Install And Configure Hp OfficeJet Printer Manually?

HP has now become one of the best companies in the market that offers products for the use of common people. All the products offered by HP are unique and they also guarantee complete satisfaction to the customers who use these products. HP OfficeJet Printer is one of these products and it is known to provide complete help and support for all the household as well as official work which is carried out in the offices. In this blog, we would talk about the steps to Install and Setup HP OfficeJet Printer manually and would ensure that the steps can be followed and performed by all the people.

There are numerous models of printers that are available in the market and if we talk about the main functionality of them then, we all would agree that all the printers perform only one function which is printing paper for the user. But the HP OfficeJet printer provides a lot of unique functions to the users which makes it one of the best series of the HP printers. It is known as an all-in-one printer which means it is compact, compatible with all the devices and can also be controlled by a mobile device. Apart from these qualities, there is another quality that makes the HP OfficeJet series so interesting. This quality is that it is very easy to configure HP OfficeJet Printer which makes the usage of the printer very easy.

If we talk about the steps that would help you in the HP Officejet Printer Install process, below listed are the steps that would provide you with guaranteed results.

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Steps to Install and Setup HP OfficeJet Printer

  • Firstly, you have to unpack the printer. As you will see inside the box, you will find two CDs for Mac and Windows inside the box. In case the installation disc is not in the box, you can go with downloading the software from the official website of HP.
  • After that, check for the power cord in the box and use it to connect the printer to the power outlet. As you are done with it, turn on the printer.
  • Now, select the language according to your preference and manage the country and region column in the device. Now confirm by tapping on Yes.
  • In the next step, you have to set the date and time of the printer and then click continue.
  • As you will click on continue, it will give you two options. Whether you want to manually manage the printer or you require assistance for it.
  • Since you are assembling the printer on your own, click on manually manage.
  • If you look inside the box for one more time, you will find some ink cartridge that comes with the printer. Carefully install the ink cartridge in the printer.
  • Now, feed the printer with some papers so that it can check if the ink cartridge is working properly and the printer is able to print the paper or not.
  • Now print a paper from the printer and check the alignment of the prints that the printer will provide.
  • As you will feed the instructions for printing a paper, it will start the initialization process first and then print a paper. As the printer prints the paper you will get to know that the process to install and Setup HP Officejet printer has completed.

All these steps would help you in the process to Install HP OfficeJet printer. All the steps are genuine and they offer complete solutions for the process.

Steps to Configure HP OfficeJet Printer

  • You have to start by opening your default browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Now type in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • Now using the site download the printer software and as the software downloads, extract the files from the folder and run the application.
  • Now, HP Startup Utility will help you in carrying out the function of the printer and will also let you register the product.
  • As the process continues, agree to all the terms and conditions of the software and enable the HP Auto Wireless to connect feature by clicking Continue.
  • As soon as you will hit continue, the installer software will connect and configure the printer to the same network that is being used on the system.
  • Now, click on continue and let the HP utility download the latest drivers.
  • As the download completes, follow all the steps that are prompted on the screen.

The above-mentioned steps would help you Configure HP OfficeJet Printer without any hassle. All the steps are genuine and they would offer complete solutions to the users. By following all the steps, you can ensure the installation and configuration of the printer just by sitting at your home.