How to Setup HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer?

How to Setup HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer?

HP is one of the best brands in the market that provide some of the best products for the use of common people. All the products offered by HP are very unique and they also provide the best solutions for the work of the people. HP DeskJet 2542 all-in-one Wi-Fi Printer is one of those products and it also provides proper help to the users through its unique features. To make the optimum use of this product, it is very important that the users must know the process of HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup.

To help the users in this process, we have provided some of the easiest steps that would provide guaranteed solutions for the issues of HP DeskJet 2542 Setup Wi-Fi Printer.  There are numerous methods to setup HP DeskJet 2542 but it is advised to use the easiest way that would not only help the user in easy setup but it would also keep the device safe and secured.

We have provided some very eloquent steps that would help you in the process and would also allow you to Setup HP DeskJet 2542 All-in-one Wi-Fi Printer.  Follow the steps carefully and get the desired results in no time.

Steps for HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup

  • To start with the HP DeskJet 2542 Setup, you need to ensure some things.
  • You should have an uninterrupted internet connection where the speed of the internet is fast.
  • All downloads should be made through the internet connection to the device or PC so that the download does not fail.
  • You need to make sure that the router and computer are on
  • Check the connection between the computer, wireless modem and the printer.
  • Now set up the printer, load the paper into the input tray and then install the toner cartridges.
  • At last, turn on the printer and place it within the range of the router so that you can continue with the setup procedure.
  • To start with the installation, go to the official website of HP and click on Download. As you will click on download, it will start automatically.
  • As the installation to HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup continues, you will be directed to a connect window. You have to stop at the connect window and do not click continue at this point.
  • Now, you need to Restore the Default wireless Settings on the printer.
  • You have to ensure that the printer is on.
  • After that, press and hold the power button.
  • While pressing the power button, press the start copy black button two times and cancel button three times.
  • Now, you can release the power button. You will the wireless light blinking just next to the wireless button.
  • As you have done so, you can continue with the step to install the software for your HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup.
  • Below steps would help you install the software.
  • On the HP installation Connect window, now you can click on continue.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until the connection options screen opens.
  • Now, in the next window, you need to select Wireless- make a wireless connection to the printer. Now, click on Next.
  • Now search for the option, HP Auto Wireless Connect. Click on Yes then click on Next.
  • Now, you need to connect a USB cable from your computer to the printer and then you need to click on Next.
  • After that, continue following the on-screen instructions.

So, by following these steps you can successfully do the HP DeskJet 2542 Wi-Fi Printer Setup. To know more about the products, keep visiting our website and regularly read our blogs.