How to Setup HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer?

How to Setup HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer?

HP is one of the best brands in the market that provides some of the best services for the use of common people. Their services are mentioned as the products and there are numerous products that HP offers to its users which are very unique and they help the users at every point of their daily routine. M126NW is one of the printers that this company offers and to make the perfect use of this product, the user must know how to Setup HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer.

To Setup the printer, the user must know the correct steps as it would help them in the process to perform the HP Printer M126NW Wi-Fi Setup. In this blog, we have provided some steps that would help you in the process and would also provide easy instructions for the process. So, to perform the easy setup of the HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer, follow the steps very carefully.

Firstly, we would talk about the steps to unpack and the connection of the printer and then we would move on to the steps to perform the Driver Setup of the printer.

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Step to Setup HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer

  • Dispense with the plastic tapes and pressing materials folded over the printer. Lower the yield plate and reach inside the printer and afterward ink cartridge gets to the entryway. After expelling all the plastic materials inside the printer, close the ink cartridge get to the entryway.
  • Take out the power line that is given by the producer at the season of shipment. Associate its one end to the printer’s end and another to the power supply. Along these lines, control on the printer by pushing the power symbol.
  • To introduce the ink cartridge, hold the handle and lower the ink cartridge. Hang on until the point that carriage moves and rests in a place. In the wake of unloading the ink cartridge put it in the given opening.
  • Check if it is situated appropriately in the opening. If not, the printer neglects to perceive the ink cartridge which thus prompts an ink cartridge issue in the later period. Utilize a similar technique to introduce every one of the cartridges.
  • Check the perfect paper size and paper type. Presently put enough measure of paper on the stacking plate. Tap on the whole stack to make it level at first glance. Along these lines, bring down the yield plate and drag out the yield plate extender.
  • After putting the paper on the plate, pursue the prompts to adjust the ink cartridges. This is done with the end goal to get great outcomes from your printer. The printer begins printing the arrangement page in the wake of encouraging paper.
  • Presently open the scanner cover, keep the arrangement page on the scanner glass with the printed side looking down, and close. Snap Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color. Hang on until the point that the printer adjusts the ink cartridge. When it is finished, introduce the product and begin working with your printer.

Once you are done with these steps, you can move on to the next step i.e. installation of the drivers for successful Setup HP M126NW Wi-Fi Printer.

Driver Installation for HP Printer M126NW Wi-Fi Setup

  • With regards to the driver establishment, you need to get the most recent driver introduced on the Windows PC to get results out of your printer. Check the guidelines gave beneath and do the necessaries.
  • You can go ahead with the established procedure utilizing an establishment CD, on the off chance that you have the one. If not, you have an optional decision of getting it introduced on your Windows PC by downloading it from the site.
  • By setting you Windows to refresh consequently, you can know the periodical accessible updates of the driver.
  • To do this, go to Windows and look for the change gadget establishment alternative. Tap on it and pursued by the Yes alternative. Tap on Save changes, choose an association type among the good kinds offered for your printer. It very well may be either USB, Wireless, or Wired.
  • Whatever the association type is, the great and continuous flag quality is required. Once the association is made, introduce the printer driver with the Add a printer wizard option.