How to Solve Problems of Printhead HP Officejet 6830 Printer

How to Solve Problems of Print head HP Officejet 6830 Printer?

HP Officejet pro 6830 ink cartridges, The particular HP Officejet 6830 printer head error is commonly known as 0xc19a0003 code which is also termed as common fault while working on an HP Officejet printer. The problem seems to occur due to excessive ink leakage in the HP printer.

In such cases, it is found that the printer under which the Printhead is actually located often seems to have fully drained out of ink that will result in a dripping state and you can go for the resolution when HP printer abruptly starts printing pages upside down. In these situations, if you need any kind of help then you may call at our customer support number for issues regarding Hp Officejet 6830 printer driver and glitches will be solved in a much-managed way.

Steps to fix the Printhead problem of HP Officejet 6830 printer

Step1: Handling of the cover first

  • First of all, open the cover if you have to change ink cartridges.
  • Then, disconnect the power cord and remove all screws which can be seen at the inner top cover section of the device.
  • Now, carefully lift the inner top cover of the printer device by putting it in the right way.
  • And lastly, place it on the side to get easy access to printer’s internal equipment.

Step2: Managing the location tape next

  • Firstly, jot the proper note of the location tape’s orientation effectively.
  • Then, it is advised for users to gently remove the location tape to follow the further process.
  • Lastly, carefully move all screws from the print head’s base.

Step3: Lifting up the assembly base accurately

  • Firstly, users need to lift the Printhead as well as its bar towards the upper direction and then tilt it upside down.
  • Then, clear the bottom section of the HP Officejet Printhead.
  • Now, reverse all the above instructions carefully.
  • Finally, switch on the power and turn it on now.

Avail Help from Hp Officejet pro 6830 troubleshooting

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