Want to unlock the Password or reset on HP devices?

Many users set the passwords on their HP devices for logging in into their device which ensures the safety of the data. But what if the users have forgotten their passwords and they are unable to unlock the Devices to successfully log into their devices. These issues are common to occur where users forgot their passwords and they want to unlock the passwords without formatting their data which is really important for them. This problem is full of a headache when users forgot their passwords in the middle of some important work and they need some file immediately.

Follow the step by step instructions given by HP technical support team to fix this issue:

  • Users need to restart their systems and have to start their windows in the safe mode.
  • To start the windows on the HP laptop users need to hold the power button for some seconds and now press the F8 button and make sure you press the button before the screen loading.
  • Now go to the advanced menu and select “admin account” and from their start the windows on “safe mode”.
  • And the HP desktop users need to restart their computer and after that before the loading screen appears to navigate to the safe mode option with the help of the arrow keys.
  • Now to reset the password users need to go to control panel and then go “users account”. Now choose the “chose password” and follow the instructions to reset the password.
  • To recover the password users need to press F2 button to enter in the BIOS screen and then type “Merlin” to recover the password.