How do I fix the Sage error 49153?

Sage error 49153

Many of the existing Sage users get stuck with the Sage error 49153 at times they prefer to log in the Sage 300 ERP application along with credentials like username and password. As soon as they hit the Enter button on their keyboards (after entering the credentials), the operating systems located at the premises of the individual Sage users generate an alert,” Cannot connect to the database (error 49153). See help for more information”.

In this blog, I will be discussing the reason behind the repetitive occurrence of #49153 error and the steps that can surely resolve this issue. Let’s begin with the reason: –

The reason behind Sage error 49153  

At times the Sage users open the Sage 300 application and attempt to perform their analytical tasks assigned to them for the purpose of accounting, the Sage 300 server fails to establish the desired connection with the SQL database of Sage 300 application. The reason is that network interfaces are unable to adhere to the response time of the Windows command prompt so that the system administrator can surely perform the read (), write () and execute () operations for accessing the SQL database.

You might be curious to know about the steps that can eliminate the repetitive occurrence of Sage Error 49153. Read the below section carefully: –

A Step-by-step guide to resolving the #49153 error

To ensure the efficient performance of our operating systems (Windows 7,8,10, Macintosh and others), you must have a look at the below mentioned aspects and execute them well on your workstations so that the Sage error 49153 occurring repetitively can be resolved: –

  • Turn on your workstation and at the left bottom corner, you will find the Windows logo. Click on that and type run.
  • It’s time to enter the MISC (Minimal Instruction Set Computer) command that will open all the services running by the Task Scheduler. The command is services.msc. Hit enter after you type the command.
  • After you hit Enter, you will see a window pop-up. Locate the option of OK and click on it.
  • The task scheduler will now open all the services currently processed by the CPU memory. Select the service that states Sage 300 SQL Server.
  • Right-click on it and hit the Start button. This will start the service control popup so that it can detect the bugs that are not allowing the server establish a secured connection with your network.
  • Wait for a few minutes and click on Finish.
  • Restart you workstation now and double click the Sage 300 application.
  • If you log in now, the existing Sage server will surely be able to establish the connection with the Sage 300 database.

Discussed above are the steps that can surely fix the repetitive occurrence of Sage error 49153. To know more ways of fixing the issue, don’t hesitate to visit our portals and enjoy the benefits of Sage applications at any-time.