How do I Fix the Sage Install Error 1925 on My Windows 8 PC?

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The existing Sage users are enormously getting benefits of the Sage 50 application installed at their premises. At times they prefer to perform the daily basis transactions related to accounting, Sage 50 comes into play. In this blog, I will be discussing the award-winning functionalities of the worldly renowned Sage 50 application and the reasons plus solutions of Sage install error 1925 that hampers the performance speed of various operating systems. Let’s begin with the features of Sage 50 application: –

Most prominent features of Sage 50 accounting software

With the Sage 50 software widely used for accounting purposes, you can surely take the utmost advantages of this application with the exciting features listed below: –

  • Offers the most prominent accounting solutions with the easy-to-access capabilities of 365 degrees integration scheme. In addition, you can fulfill your basic needs like invoices, managing your income as well as payments.
  • The application is completely platform-independent as you can install and use it on your Android phones, Windows 7,8,10 and Macintosh. Also, it is easy-to-access from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Sage 50 also delivers real-time statistical analysis related to job-costing, advanced budgeting, inventories, and many more audit trails.

But, unfortunately, the existing Sage users face the #error 1925 at times they don’t have sufficient privileges during the installation of Sage 50 application. Kindly read the causes of Error number 1925:-

Causes of Sage install error 1925

Most likely, users (of Sage 50 software) get the message like,” Failed to successful installation; Sage Install error 1925”. The causes are: –

  • The downloaded Sage 50 executable file is blocked by the firewall settings of the Control panel.
  • The Windows UAC (User Account Control) option is enabled, due to which the Sage 50 installation is prohibited by the system administrator.
  • The predefined Windows administrative rights are restricting the Sage clients to access the installed Sage 50 application and make some changes in it.

After reading so much about the usage of Sage 50 application and the causes behind the repetitive occurrence of Sage error 1925, you must be curious to know the easy-to-execute solutions that can surely fix the error number 1925 on your workstations. Read the solutions mentioned below: – 

Easy-to-perform solutions of the Sage install error 1925 on Windows 8 

With the most reliable solutions listed below, you can surely fix the Sage install error 1925 that may occur unexpectedly on your workstations: –

  • Locate the installed Sage 50 application and right-click on it. From the list of available options, click the one that states Properties. This will open the Properties window.
  • Click on the General tab and hit the Unblock button, if available for Security. This will enable the Windows 8 firewall to unblock the Sage 50 usage.
  • Restart your Windows 8 PC in safe mode and use the Sage 50 application now as the existing error 1925 is now fixed.

The steps mentioned above can surely allow the Firewall to use the Sage 50 application. In addition, such solutions also let the login administrator provide access control to the Windows 8 users for installing and making changes to the available Sage 50 application. To know other ways of fixing Sage Install error 1925, don’t hesitate to visit our web-portals and know more about them.